Thursday, March 06, 2008

ESL and the Immigration Lawyer

With the recent interest in the immigration issue in the United States, many law students are considering a career in Immigration Law.

Law schools, such as New York University, are compiling lists of immigration law resources to assist their students in this growing field. Job sites such as and include immigration law jobs in the databases.

However, one area in which immigration lawyers need to be more proactive is assisting their clients with learning English as a second language, or ESL.

Fortunately, there is ESL software available to assist non-English speakers to learn to read and write the language correctly.

The software developed by experts is designed to supplement the ESL student's study and gives them the opportunity to learn correct English grammar as they complete their lessons. The software is web-based and is continually updated giving the student the most current information.

Also available are writing models, templates and related articles to assist the ESL student in completing a variety writing tasks that have immediate real-world application, such as letters of job application, business e-mails, college papers and more.

Immigration lawyers and their staff should check out available ESL software to assist their clients into easier transition into English-speaking society.