Saturday, July 08, 2006

Suit Alleges Cingular Deception

From Consumer Affairs:
Cingular Wireless misled and overcharged millions of AT&T cell phone users when Cingular bought AT&T Wireless, according to a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle.

Cingular bought AT&T's cell phone system in October 2004, after assuring federal regulators that the merger would be "seamless."

But, the lawsuit contends, instead of the new and better services that Cingular promised AT&T customers, Cingular immediately began dismantling and degrading the AT&T network, forcing AT&T customers to move to Cingular's cell network. That meant buying new phone equipment, moving to higher cost plans, and, in some cases, an $18 "transfer" or "upgrade fee."

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Anonymous said...

Cingular... Has gone down the tubes, since the merge!
They continue to mess up, my bill for one...I think they will go under within 5 years unless some sucker buys them out...SORRY!
Something is just not right... consistantly messing up the monthly bill...stealing...that is what it is ...deep pockets of the CEO's?! I do not have the answers...what comes around maybe goes around?! Something more powerful than any of us...I guess?!
Take care,
Mary G